A One's Cocker Spaniels

Vaesteraas International, April 29, 2001
Judge: Carlos Saevich, Argentina    54 Cockers (excl puppies)
(Group 8 judge: Karl-Erik Johansson, today judged Flatcoated Retrievers, his BIG-winner: Flatcoated retriever NUCH Caci´s Take That)

BOB/BIG2/Cacib/Best Champion Dog:
VDHCH DTCH FINUCH Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz
(LUXCH PORTCH Stocdale Dragon´s Sonata & VDHCH DTCH LUXCH DTBSG 93 94 EUSG 93 Blue Pearl Vom Rauhen Holz)
Owner: Ann Swaerd

BOS/Cacib/CAC/Best (Open Class) Bitch:
Manaca´s Alice in Chains
(Stocdale American Prayer & Manaca´s Chain Reaction)
Owner: Monica Forsander

Best Junior Dog/5th best dog:
Westerner Hi-Flyer
(Westerner Blowin´ Free & Samcock´s Sun-E)
Owner: Marie Loré

Best Dog 15-24 months/CAC/Res Cacib/3rd best dog:
Francini´s Encantolatino
(Zivago Della Kalesa & Pulcinella Orchidea)
Owner: Jaana Ranta

Best Open Class Dog/4th best dog:
SV99 Manaca´s Peeping Tom
(PORTCH Chataway Craftsman & Manaca´s Born To Rise´n´shine)
Owner: Yvette Widenor

Best Veteran Dog/Best Veteran/2nd best dog:
Quettadene Intuition
(GBSHCH Perrytree The Dreamer & GBSHCH Quettadene Modesty)
Owner: Sari Karlsson & Anki Persson

Best Junior Bitch:
Manaca´s It Shows
(Manaca´s Yours Sincerely & Manaca´s Alice In Chains)
Owner: Monica Forsander

Best Bitch 15-24 months/3rd best bitch/Res Cacib:
Apelhoejdens Rhapsody in Blue
(Shanaz Scoop & NV00 Shanaz Flim Flam)
Owner: Ann Hallgren

Best Champion Bitch/2nd best bitch:
SVCH Dualdigni´s Bring-Me-Luck
(SVCH Liecocks Look of Love & Merriness Nougat)
Owner: Maud Norstroem

Best Veteran Bitch:
Lagromi Black Magic Reward
(Greentree Gentlemans Agreement & Apelhoejdens Phantom Lady)
Owner: Maria Ingvarsson

Best Puppy of Breed: (Elina Haapaniemi)
Winline´s Kisses of Fire
(Northworth Infernal Fire & Paisley´s Nightmare)
Owner: Petra Funke