A One's Cocker Spaniels

SSRK Ultuna August 28, 2004
Judge dogs: Karin Linde-Klerholm
Judge bitches: Mr George Findlay, kennel Daltonare
86 cockers entered excl puppies

A great big THANK YOU to Mr George Findlay for your sweet words about Hansi (not entered for individual competition this year).
They really touched my heart. Promise never to disappoint YOU again. And Hansi and I will reconsider ...

Best Progeny Group In Show (Helene Björkman):
VDHCH DECH SU(u)CH NordV2003 Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz with
SU(u)CH A One's Rapunzel Vom Rauhen Holz, Sätra's Hänt I Veckan, Murbräckans Annie Get Your Gun & Lordlike's Nimba
Owner: Ann Swärd

BOS/Best Champion Bitch:
NUCH SU(u)CH Cobarn All Brilliant
(Bencleuch Benefactor & Caseins Brilliant Moon)
Owner: Nina Waldeland

2nd Best Bitch/2nd Best Champion Bitch:
SU(u)CH JW03 Winline's Out of This World
(SU(u)CH Northworth Infernal Fire & Paisley's Killer Queen)
Owners: AnnChristin & Lasse Nyman

photo Anna Wikström

3rd Best Bitch/3rd Best Champion Bitch:
SU(u)CH A One's Rapunzel Vom Rauhen Holz
(VDHCH DECH SU(u)CH NordV2003 Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz &
DTJCH DTJBSG 2000 DTEJSG 2000 DT BSG 2001 DTCH VDHCH LUXCH Louisa Vom Rauhen Holz)

BOB/Best Veteran Dog:
SU(u)CH VDHCH NUCH KBHV NordV00 NV01 Line Sam Hot Dog
(Lynwater Blackcap & Line Sam Twice As Nice)
Owner: Johan Uddh

Best Puppy 4-6 months:
Travis Caught Red Handed
(CH Travis Gossip Starts Here & Travis Brassed Off)
Owner: Maria Åslund

Best Puppy 6-9 months:
Paisley's Night-Watchman
(Allerts Night Party & Caci's Macy Gray)
Owner: Eva Degermo Andersson

Best Junior Dog:
Murbräckans Monte Cristo
(Quilmhair Highland Fling & Glenbrows Tamara)
Owner: Inger Ivebrand

Best Dog 15-24 months/5th Best Dog:
Manaca's Path Finder
(SU(u)CH Manaca's General Idea & Manaca's It Shows)
Owner: Maria Åslund

Best Open Class Dog/4th Best Dog/CAC:
Keonomis Ocean Drive
(Trocaderos Undigoboy & SUCH Line Sam Vanity Fair)
Owner: Christina Bro

Best Champion Dog/2nd Best Dog:
Almanza Uncontrollable
(CH Travis Able And Willing & Whoops A Daisy)
Owner: Maria Müllersdorf

NUCH SU(u)CH A One's Borkum Riff -
3rd Best Champion Dog both days but not placced in best-dog class.

Best Junior Bitch:
Lejonsundets Elindil Van Lancelot
(SU(u)CH Quettadene Lancelot & Manaca's It Shows)
Owner: Monica Forsander

Best Bitch 15-24 months/CAC/4th Best Bitch:
Vitahotellets Jungfruben (a 2nd in quality under Mrs Lumley the day after!)
(Cardamine Baked Potato & Vitahotellets Tivoli)
Owner: Anders Carlsson

Best Open Class Bitch/5th Best Bitch:
Vitahotellets Tivoli
(Lynwater Blackcap & Usemade Halifax Container)
Owner: Anders Carlsson

Best Breeder's Group: Manaca's
Owner: Monica Forsander

Cockerspanielklubben Club Show August 29, 2004
Judge dogs: Mr George Findlay, Daltonare
Judge bitches: Mrs Denise Lumley, Jimmison
111 cockers entered excl puppies

Thanks Marie for the photo! And a huge THANK YOU to Stefan, Anna, Marie & Gunilla!

Best Progeny Group In Show:
VDHCH DECH SU(u)CH NordV2003 Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz with
Murbräckans Al Capone, NordJV2003 Frostwork's Avalanche,  SU(u)CH A One's Rapunzel Vom Rauhen Holz& Lordlike's Nimba

BIS/Best Dog (15-24 months):
Claramand Again And Again    handled by his breeder Elaine Thomas
(Glenbrows Never Say Never At Claramand & Linsloc Maid Marian With Claramand)
Owner: Madeleine Ivarsson

BIS Reserve/Best (Champion) Bitch:
SU(u)CH Matchpoint's Different Surprise
(SU(u)CH Claramand Xtra Special & SU(u)CH Matchpoint's A Piece of Difference)
Owners: Lena & Kenneth Norlund

BIS Junior/Best Junior Bitch:    debut in official class!
Lordlike's Nimba
(VDHCH DECH SU(u)CH NordV2003 Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz & Carillo Cool Girl)
Owner: Gunilla Isaksson

Best (!) Bitch 15-24 months:    NOT PLACED IN BEST-BITCH-CLASS!
Matchpoint's Beauty Box
(SU(u)CH Claramand Xtra Special & Matchpoint's Mascara)
Owners: Lena & Kenneth Norlund

2nd (!) Best Bitch 15-24 months:    3rd BEST BITCH!!!
Manaca's Rain Or Shine
(Northworth A True Ashgrove & Manaca's Alice In Chains)
Owner: Monica Forsander

2nd (!) Best Champion Bitch:    5th BEST BITCH!
SU(u)CH Apelhöjdens Rhapsody In Blue
(Shanaz Scoop & SU(u)CH NordV2000 Shanaz Flim Flam)
Owner: Ann Hallgren

3rd (!) Best Champion Bitch:    4th BEST BITCH!!!
SU(u)CH Manaca's Main Attraction
(SU(u)CH Manaca's Yours Sincerely & Manaca's Alice In Chains)
Owner: Monica Forsander

Best Open Class Bitch/CAC/2nd Best Bitch:
Moorleaf Grain of Gold
(FINCH INTCH Shavian Cosa Nostra & Moorleaf Dream Weaver)
Owners: Monika & Gunder Pettersson

BIS Veteran (Bitch):
Artmaster's Annie
(Artmaster & Häljans Marion)
Owner: Jane Jarefors

Best Junior Dog/5th Best Dog:
Fancy Paws Jack-in-the-Box
(SU(u)CH Claramand B'Dazzled & Fancy Paws Alarming Animation)
Owners: Elisabeth & Jöran Andersson

Best Open Class Dog/3rd Best Dog:
Winline's One Of These Days
(SU(u)CH Northworth Infernal Fire & Paisley's Killer Queen)
Owner: Petra Funke

Best Champion Dog/2nd Best Dog
SU(u)CH Quettadene Lancelot
(GBSHCH Perrytree Sundreamer & Quettadene High Society)
Owners: Yvette Widenor & Monica Forsander

Best Veteran Dog:
SU(u)CH SV99 Manaca's Peeping Tom
(WW94 PORTCH Chataway Craftsman & SU(uCH NUCH Manaca's Born To Rice'n Shine)
Owner: Yvette Widenor

2nd Best Veteran Dog:
SU(u)CH VDHCH NUCH KBHV00 NordV00 01 Line Sam Hot Dog
(Lynwater Blackcap & Line Sam Twice As Nice)
Owner: Juhan Uddh
This dog won BOB the day before under Mr George Findlay, thereby beating all the bitches judged by Mr Fíndlay.
Today Line Sam Hot Dog, was not even PLACED among the best dogs, dogs judged by Mr Findlay!
We really have to do something about the poor quality of our Scandinavian bitches, don't we, or what?

BIS Puppy:
Manaca's Unblushing Dream
(SU(u)CH Quettadene Lancelot & SU(u)CH Manaca's In Your Dream)
Owner: Monica Forsander

BIS Reserve Puppy:
Backhills Katherine Hepburn
(SU(u)CH Powerscourt Pied Piper & SU(u)CH NUCH Backhills Farah Diba)
Owners: Karin Staaf & Helene Franzen

BIS Breeder's Group: Kennel Manaca's
Owner: Monica Forsander