A One's Cocker Spaniels
SU(u)CH KBHV 2004 A One´s Rapunzel Vom Rauhen Holz

Living life to the full, Rapunzel Monica & Torbjörn April 2009

Rapunzel and her father Hansi at St Uttervik on Febr 14, 2004. Soaring above the cliffs was ...

... this SEA EAGLE! Social call?

Rapunzel wins CACIB/Best Bitch at Vännäs 2006, although SKK claims it is Eleonora who wins the CACIB!

born November 22, 2001 pedigree with 10-generation COIs  OptiGen-tested prcd-PRA/FN Normal
One of few Cocker bitches I have owned, who can run about unleashed WITHOUT barking at stones, prams and snowmen,
WITHOUT running off to some rubbish heap no matter what might turn up in her way
- and come back five hours later -
WITHOUT taking upon her shoulders to defend our flock,
WITHOUT passionately clinging on to every visitor for hours on end
and who has the speed and elegance across the fields of a saluki -
combined with a Cocker merriness, strength and eager to please!
And who never loses sight of her mama.
Do I love this bitch to pieces?

Rapunzel 10 months and her mother Louisa

BOS & BOB Ballerup 2004

Rapunzel´s  debut at 9 months (Mike Masters)
Rapunzel´s debut in official class at 10 months (Helle Dan Pålsson)
Best Junior Bitch/3rd Best Bitch (Rita McCarry-Beattie)
Best Junior Bitch/2nd Best Bitch/CAC/Qualified for Crufts 2004 Stockholm International, Dec 8, 2002 (Arja Koskelo)
Best bitch (78 entries)/2nd CAC Halmstad July 12, 2003 (Michael Boothroyd)
Punziluns completed her SHOW CHAMPION title at Alfta National on July 11, 2004 under Mr Johan Juslin, Finland, where she was also Best of Breed.
Then she won Res Best In Show at Uppsala under Mr Philip Dye, kennel Tarazzo, on August 22, 2004.
And on September 18, 2004, Rapunzel won Danish CAC/CACIB/Best Bitch/KBHV04 under Mrs Helle Dan Pålsson, Kennel Dan-L's.
4 months after maternity leave II, on September 4, 2005, Rapunzel won BOB/BIG2 under Mrs Louise Dorr, Australia, at Öland.
On June 18, 2006 Rapunzel won CACIB/Best Bitch at Vännäs under Mrs
Carol West, Sheigra.

Some members of her dear family:

From left: Papa Hansi, Punzel, Fighter, Ally & Mama Louisa
Sister Angie Blue lives at Kennel Dan-L´s, Denmark

Mama Louisa & Papa Hansi

Grandma Pearl (Blue Pearl Vom Rauhen Holz) & Grandpa Sonata

Grandma Kim (Kisses Kim Vom Rauhen Holz) and Grandpa Louis (SPCH GBSHCH Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober)

Rapunzel at 3 months and 2,5 years

Rapunzel is very proud of her progeny:

Rapunzel's son AMCH A One's Parzival and his daughter/Rapunzel's granddaughter AMCH CANCH Lynann's Nightingale

Rapunzel's sons DKUCH A One's All In and BRCH A One's King Kicker

When you select a bitch, look at her mother and her father´s mother, that is the type you will have, NOT FATHER & mother's father!
Don´t fool youself to think you will get a copy of the father!
Louisa & Blue Pearl Vom Rauhen Holz - What a wonderful combination!

A huge Thank You to Doris and Sandra & Louisa for this one-of-her-kind girl!

Grimms' Fairy Tale Rapunzel

The strength of a kennel is its bitches - we feel stronger than ever!