A One's Cocker Spaniels

Bohus SSRK March 27/28 2010
66 cocker spaniels participated on March 27, 58 on March 28.

photo Elin Larsen

"There is no depth in quality."
8 out of totally 20 positions (2 days) were Norwegian/Danish cockers ... cf Top Winners 2010

Norway breeds standard cockers, Sweden does not.
If this is not a wakeupcall, I do not know what is.

Warm thanks to Henrik for handling Bling-Bling to BIS3 both days!

March 27:

  big photos Elin Larsen
March 28:

Name of Cocker Class Joanna Darby ♀/Mike Masters ♂ March 28 Mike Masters ♀/Joanna Darby ♂ March 27
A One's Fingers Crossed champion bitch 1 CK/BOB/BIS3 1 CK/BOB/BIS3
Casein's Caves of Bermuda champion bitch 2 CK/5th Best Bitch 2 CK/5th Best Bitch
Dualdigni's Kidney Bean champion bitch 5 CK 4
Honeywater's Happiness Like Jam champion bitch 3 CK 3
Perchwater Blue Magic Princess champion bitch 4 CK 5
Allert's Woodcock champion dog missing 2 CK
Maxi Mates Flying Dutchman champion dog 1 CK/4th Best Dog 1 CK/3rd Best Dog
Maxi Mates Isidor the Blacksmith champion dog 2 CK 3
Aro's Blue Serenade open bitch 1 1
Blue Satin Keep Locking at Me open bitch 1-5 1
Casein's Dubais Princess open bitch 1 1
Casein's Rioja open bitch 1-2 CK/3rd Best Bitch 1-2 CK/3rd Best Bitch
Choc Ice Birds of a Feather open bitch 1 1
Dan-L's Keep on Swinging open bitch not entered 1-1 CK/2nd Best Bitch/CAC/CH today
Guldkulans Rose of Allandale open bitch 1 1
Landlady's Crazy About You open bitch missing 1
Line Sam Spinning Silk open bitch not entered 1
Manaca's Gainst the Grain open bitch 1 1
Manaca's Pull No Punches open bitch 1-1 CK/2nd Best Bitch/CAC 1-3
Maxi Mates Alpha Robe open bitch 1 1
Maxi Mates Beautiful Robe open bitch missing missing
Never Stop Adorable Anastasia open bitch missing missing
Pearl Harbour Blue Sapphire open bitch 1 1
Rainstorm's Breaking News open bitch 1-3 1-4
Sheerclever Love Changes Everything open bitch missing missing
Support Betty Boop open bitch missing missing
Vitahotellets Katakomb open bitch 1-4 1-5
Allert's Apollo open dog missing 1-3
Dan-L's Charles Austin open dog not entered 1-2 CK/4th Best Dog
Dan-L's Dollar Sign open dog 1-5 1
Line Sam Catch the Moon open dog 1 1
Line Sam Sisco open dog missing 1
Maxi Mates Oscar open dog 1-2 CK/5th Best Dog 1-4
Maxi Mates Overlord open dog 1-3 1-5
Mayday Armorik open dog? not entered in the same class 1-1 CK/2nd Best Dog
Pearl Harbour a Man After Midnight open dog 1-1 CK/Best Dog/CAC/BOS/BIS4 BOS 1
Skjervtun's Simpson open dog 1 1
Trinnöja's Vindaloo open dog 1-4 not entered
Black Lord I Have a Dream bitch 15-24 months missing missing
Dark Temptation of Merrily bitch 15-24 months missing missing
Elmers Goldmine Zelina Queen bitch 15-24 months 1-5 1
Emba's Miss Dixi Kola bitch 15-24 months 1-4 1-5
Maxi Mates Charmful Robe bitch 15-24 months 1-2 1-4
Pearl Harbour Mamma Mia bitch 15-24 months not entered 1-1 CK
Perchwater Queen of the World bith 15-24 months 1-3 HP 1-3
Vitahotellets Natt Och Dag bitch 15-24 months 1 ? 1-2 CK
Backhills Touch N'Go dog 15-24 months 1 1
Backhills Up Up And Away dog 15-24 months 1 1-4 HP
Emba's Mr Brolle dog 15-24 months 1 1
Emba's Mr Grant dog 15-24 months 1-5 1
Honeywater's Rio Bravo dog 15-24 months 1-3 HP 1
Manaca's Walk on the Wild Side dog 15-24 months 1-1 CK/3rd Best Dog 1-1 CK/5th Best Dog
Mayday Armorik dog 15-24 months? 1-2 HP not entered in the same class
Perchwater Like a Perfect Dream 15-24 months 1-4 1-2 CK
Skjervtun's Prince of Baba 15-24 months 1 1-5 HP
Wavecatcher Promising Star 15-24 months 1 1
Wavecatcher Star's Poem 15-24 months missing 1-3 CK
Allert's Dancing Queen junior bitch 1 1
Bernerbitens Julia junior bitch 1-5 HP not entered
Cockerright's a Flower of Love junior bitch missing 1
Emba's Miss Sarah Jessica Parker junior bitch 2 1
Light Sound Ulla Min Ulla junior bitch 1 1-5
Lönnbackens Sweet Kisses junior bitch 1 1-4
Manaca's Cotton Fields junior bitch 1-1 CK/4th Best Bitch 1-1 CK
Moon de Luxe Star Scream junior bitch missing missing
Occis Dream Ticket junior bitch 1-2 CK 1-3
Perchwater Always Be My Queen junior bitch 1-4 HP 1-2 HP
Perchwater Hope'N'Glory junior bitch 1 missing
Perchwater Milk'N'Honey junior bitch missing not entered
Sheerclever Wedding Waltz junior bitch missing missing
Support Celine junior bitch 1 1
Support Cheer junior bitch missing missing
Winline's Win a'Lot junior bitch 1-3 HP 1
Bernerbitens Rasmus junior dog 1-4 missing
Crace'N'Flory's Saving Seattle junior dog not entered missing
Occis Dream Mile junior dog 1-2 HP 1-2 CK
Perchwater Always Be My Star junior dog 1-5 1-4
Rainstorm's the Challenger junior dog 1-1 CK/2nd Best Dog 1-1 CK/Best Dog/CAC/BIS2 BOS
Shakima's Lose Control junior dog 1-3 HP 1-3 HP
Manaca's Main Attraction veteran bitch 1-1 CK/BOB Vet/BIS5 1-1 CK/BOB Vet/BIS3
Pearl Harbour Silver Pearl veteran bitch missing 1-2
Count On Me Gio Sammy veteran dog missing 1-1 CK
Diamonds of Åsum Mac Myra puppy dog I missing missing
Emba's Mr Money Man puppy dog I 1 HP 2
Maxi Mates Flash Gordon puppy dog I not entered 1
Maxi Mates Messiah puppy dog I not entered 3
Puppy Dream's Thom Barry puppy dog I missing missing
Manaca's No Shoestrings on Louise puppy bitch I 1 HP/BOB Puppy I/BIS 2 HP
Maxi Mates Beloved Robe puppy bitch I not entered 5
Puppy Dream's Amanda Burton puppy bitch I missing missing
Support don't Give Me Names puppy bitch I not entered 1 HP/BOB Puppy I/BIS5
Tadington's Poison Was the Cure puppy bitch I 3 4
Vitahotellets Greta Gnu puppy bitch I 2 3 HP
Cockerblues Man In Me puppy dog II ? 1
Hotsteps Casino Royale puppy dog II ? missing
Blue Runes Under a Violet Moon puppy bitch II 2 HP 1 HP/BOB Puppy II/BIS5
Cockerblues Honky Tonk Woman puppy bitch II ? 3
Cockerblues Mustang Sally puppy bitch II 1 HP/BOB Puppy II/BIS5 2 HP
Hotsteps Courage Under Fire puppy bitchII ? ?

Sorry about stripping dogs naked of their titles.