A One's Cocker Spaniels

Goldenfield's Minstrel Boy

SHCH Joywyns Blue Boy of Ware
Best Gun Dog Crufts 1952
Fantee Silver Sentinel Cartref Critic
Headworker of Ware
Cartref Charmer Cartref Crown Agent
Naseby Girl
SHCH Goldenfield's Merry Maiden Mantop Merry Legs Hildarry Jester
Mantop Gay Lady
Goldenfield's Merry Miss Better Luck
Goldenfields Miss Sue
Scoly's Sweet Solera
PRA Carrier
Dellah Ouainé Reveller
PRA Carrier
Dellah Merrymaker of Wykey SHCH Joywyn Blue Boy of Ware Best Gun Dog Crufts 1952
Dellah Merry Maid of Wykey
Ouainé Merry Melanie S AMCH Thornfalcon Fanfare of Ware
Ouainé Vivid Fairy of Ware
Scoly's Set Fair
PRA Carrier
Scoly's Simon Thornfalcon Fanfare of Ware
     Scolys Syringa
Scoly's Sagacity Harley Riverbank Recall
Wanda of Buttsby