A One's Cocker Spaniels

Sofiero National, September 8, 2002
Breed Judge: Mr Robert McCormack-Kelly, Ireland
Group 8 Judge: Mrs Lilian Jonsson, Sweden
58 Cockers excl puppies

Photo Karin Staaf

Best Champion/Best of Group 8:
VDHCH DECH SU(u)CH Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz
"(Excellent type, size and overall impression.) Very typy, lovely head, very fresh, very good front,
good presentation, good bone, very hard condition. Excellent mover." R McCormack-Kelly
Owner: Ann Swaerd

Kjell Ydreborg took the photo.

Best Progeny Group of Breed:
Very typical dogs. Good quality all over. He´s passing on good size. A consistancy of type and head quality."
R McCormack-Kelly
VDHCH DECH SU(u)CH Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz with
Backhills Garibaldi
Backhills For Your Eyes Only
Backhills Fabulous Night And Day
A One´s Jaggelonika of Yendor

Photo Karl Isbosethsen

Best Open Class Bitch/BOS/CAC:
Bitcon Dawn Chorus
(Shanaz Chancer & Bitcon Christmas Gem)
Owner: T Lundborg

2nd Best Bitch:
A One´s Jaggelonika of Yendor
(VDHCH DECH SU(u)CH Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz & VDHCH DECH A One´s Cold November Rain)
Owner: Ann Swaerd
"Excellent type, size and overall impression. Nice head, good neck, very sound front, well-ribbed of, short coupled, sound crop, nice rear angulation,
very good rear movement, sound, straight, front the same." R McCormack-Kelly
Two weeks earlier the same bitch - who has already gained 2 CCs - got a 2nd in quality by Malcolm Roberts, Kennel Salabah, England,
AT AN OPEN SHOW, where at which no 2nds are to be awarded!

Best Junior Dog/CK:
Backhills Garibaldi
(VDHCH DECH SU(u)CH Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz & Backhills Tribute To Amaretto)
Owner: Karin Staaf

Best Open Class Dog/2nd Best Dog/CAC:            Champion today - Congratulations!
Line Sam Orbit
(DEJCH VDHCH CHCH Yoopie La Vie Du Bois Des Amourette & Line Sam Beatrix)
Owner: T Lundborg

Best Veteran Dog/5th Best Dog:
Skycocks Wild Turkey
(NUCH Mainel´s Eastern Wind & Weststar Dancing Queen)
Owner: Carina Tännström

Best Junior Bitch/5th Best Bitch:
Peach Passion´s Daylight
(Cardamine Limerick & Joycock´s Rollick Girl)
Owner: Anett Larsson

Best Champion Bitch/3rd Best Bitch:
SU(u)CH Grimsholmen Code Red
(Usemade Vatican Roulette & Camillo´s Pieco of Mind)
Owner: Ingela Hansson

Best Veteran (Bitch)/4th Best Bitch:
SV98 KBHV99 SU(u)CH NUCH Line Sam Knot of Gold
(SU(u)CH Charbonnel A One´s Tonka & Line Sam X-tra Special Edition)
Owner: Johan Uddh

Best Breeder´s Group of Breed:
Kennel Zvenskens

Best Puppy of Breed:
Travis Ace of Base
(Travis Touch Mark & Meryl Basic Energy)
Owner: Britta Dafgård

Photo Karl Isbosethsen