A One's Cocker Spaniels

Rottneros July 4, 1999 - my first judging appointment


If you have not visited the magnificent Rottneros Park in the heart of Värmland, not too far from the Norwegian border - well what are you waiting for? It is not an overstatement to claim it is the most beautiful park in Scandinavia, covering nearly 100.000 acres along the Lakes Fryken. Enjoy the Baroque Garden and the English Park,  filled with sculptures from the 50s, by celebrities like Milles, Eldh, Grate, Aaltonen, Durban and Nielsen (Kai, that is, but Mr Golden Retriever was there too!). Apart from The Cocker Spaniel Club of Värmland the golden retriever-club carried out its annual CC-show ring by ring.

A lovely summer´s day, the shade of the birchtrees along a huge ring, a model of an organization and a very friendly atmosphere made this show one of the absolute highlights of the year! I enjoyed every minute of it! Imagine all those kindred souls of mine, whom I see more often than my own relatives, so much in common. I cannot believe they had spoilt an evening with their families to prepare their dogs, travelled miles, struggled with cages and tents - just to know my opinion about their dogs! Tears come to my eyes when I think of it.

Not to mention all the merry, well-prepared dogs. Except for one or two tartar cases. So easy to forget. But not one single tail-between-its-legs or sly expression this day. Don´t say our dogs are not influenced by a sympathetic and relaxed attitude around the ring. The two very competent ring-secretaries Lena Fosselius-Pettersson and Charlotte Wall made an untrained novice feel like a consummate pro. Superb.

9-year-old golden bitch Travis Lochbuie was indeed worthy of the BIS- and BIS-Veteran cups. DC10! Although short n´ square BISR -dog Fonesse Flap Jacket displayed very cockery, ground-covering and merry movements in the heat of summer. No movements in the world should ever replace a pleasant overall impression, however. These two cockers had both.

Teen-age-model Backhill´s Doris Day was 2nd and received Kennel Westerner´s Special Prize for Best Particoloured Cocker. Close on her hocks came 3rd lovely Apelhoejden´s Dixie, having a tough job attending various projects of hers at ringside. The picture of 4th NVCH SVCH Samcock´s I´m Magic´s enchanting head & expression kept following me all the way back to Borås (where DTCH VDHCH Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz had won BIG the day before). Pushing 7 she beamed forth  wisdom of life, harmony and contentment. As if whispering: "You have a mission in your life, haven´ t you? I do hope your life is as eventful and exciting as mine." I made up my mind to treat myself to a 3-week-sailing-course for girls in their primes. Short, classic 8-year-old Willpower Last Angel trotted lightly in as 5th.

Smashing black 2nd dog Northworth Infernal Fire - a standard picture in standing - cast a longing eye at the lake, it was very warm. Nice couple too. Veteran Rocket Cascade came 3rd  as well as BISR-Veteran, still going strong. Stocdale American Prayer, a classic, short n´ strong body with lots of warmth in his eyes was placed 4th. Congratulations to his owner, who has stubbornly kept to the breed standard throughout the years, while so many extreme influences welled in. 5th best dog was happy-go-lucky blue/roan/tan Skycocks Wild Turkey, who was also presented with Sara´s Special Prize for BIS-Field-Trial-qualified dog.

BIS-Puppy was Shadecock´s Another Boy, showing a great deal of cocker temperament and self-confidence. But so did BISR-Puppy, golden charmer Shavian Flamenco Dancer (by fabulous ECH Harmodius Goody-Woody), only 4 months old. About time his owner revealed his tricks how to make cockers move like his darlings, young and old! And perhaps we would consider disclosing one of our secrets how to reach success. One uncovered trick published in the Cockertidningen should be rewarded a free advert page, for those who have need of such a compensation. Or a gorgeous hand-painted tea-mug of Sara Alm´s. Sponsored by the Club, of course, and for the benefit of Swedish cockers. Think about it.

There were also pretty bitch puppies, a o soundly moving BOS-Puppy-II Paisley´s Nightmare.

Thanks for the invitation and for an unforgettable summer´s day! What about Borås? Well, we got there in time.

Ann S

Photos - see Swedish version