A One's Cocker Spaniels

SKK National Nyköping August 16, 2009

38 adult cockers participated.

Judge: Mrs Wil de Vries-Hoogland, Holland

Stormy weather/photo Madeleine Ivarsson

Best (Champion) Bitch/BOB no 20:
C.I.E NordV07 SV08 NORDUCH KBHV08 NV08 A One's Fingers Crossed
(Allert's Right On Line & WW03 VDHCH SU(u)CH DTBSG2000 DKUCH Blue Satin Forever A One's)
Owner: Ann Swärd
"Excellent type of bitch, very feminine, beautiful head, good neck, good front, lovely bone, good feet, good ribs, lovely topline
on the move and when standing, good tailset and action, lovely coat, is an excellent mover with lots of temperament."

Best Dog (15-24 months)/BOS/CAC:
Ozzie Black Petrs
(Claramand High Flyer & Change On Changes Black Petrs)
Owner: Ann Christin Nyman

2nd Best Champion Bitch/3rd Best Bitch:
SU(u)CH Timanka Ride the Broom
(SU(u)CH NUCH INTUCH Timanka's Wonderbird & Timanka's Friendly Ghost)
Owner: Elisabeth Andersson

3rd Best Champion Bitch/CK:
SU(u)CH Matchpoint's Where You Belong
(SU(u)CH Waterwood Forever Happy & SU(u)CH Matchpoint's Mascara)
Owners: Lena & Kenneth Norlund

4th Best Champion bitch/CK:
SVCH SU(u)CH Line Sam Cute Caroline
(Line Sam Piece of Cake & Line Sam Chorus)
Owner: Britt-Marie Johansson

Best Bitch 15-24 months/CAC/2nd Best Bitch:
Keonomis Land Cruiser
(SV08 SU(u)CH JEUW06 SV06 DKUCH NUCH Manaca's Beat About the Bush & SU(u)CH NUCH Westerner Fly By Wire)
Owners: Carina & Evelina Olsson

2nd Best Bitch 15-24 months/CK:
Manaca's Walk the Walk
(Travis Miles of Smiles & Manaca's Honey I'm Home)
Owner: Marita Hydling

In this class Apelhöjdens Chilli Vanilli, Jutrix White Waterlily, Maxi Mates Princess Garb did not show up,
Bricocks Pier Angeli got a 2nd and Idunvallens Malaika received a 3rd in quality.

Best Open Class Bitch/4th Best Bitch:
Backhills Quality Design
(SU(u)CH SV09 Backhills New Design & SU(u)CH Backhills Marilyn Monroe)
Owners: Helene & David Björkman

2nd Best Open Class Bitch/CK:
Manaca's Join the Joyride
(SU(u)CH Quettadene Lancelot & SVCH SU(u)CH NV05 NUCH Manaca's Main Attraction)
Owner: Birgitta Mikaelsson

3rd Best Open Class Bitch/CK:
Claramand Heatwave
(Claramand Chances Are For Christiol & Claramand In Gold)
Owner: Ann Christin Nyman

4th Best Open Class Bitch/1:
Blue Cheyenne's Look At Me Now
(SV08 SU(u)CH JEUW06 SV06 DKUCH NUCH Manaca's Beat About the Bush & Shakima's Cheyenne)
Owner: Marita Hydling

Apelhöjdens Shenandoah did not show up and Bolton's Columbine, Matchpoint's Lucky Surprise and Tigervargens Candle In the Wind got a 2nd in quality in this class.

Best Junior Bitch/5th Best Bitch:
Manaca's Walk the Walk
(Travis Miles of Smiles & Manaca's Honey I'm Home)
Owner: Marita Hydling

2nd Best Junior Bitch/CK:
Elmers Goldmine Zelina Queen
(Elmers Goldmine Tip Top Man & Elmers Goldmine Precious Heart)
Owner: Mats Berggren

3rd Best Junior Bitch/HP:
Tårpilens All I Want Is You
(Murbräckans Paparazzi & Tårpilens Andromeda)
Owner: Alexandra Oxfält

4th Best Junior Bitch/HP:
Liljeblomman's Yamaha Wildstar
(Abbadon's Cerberus & Murbräckans Manhattan)
Owner: Bodil Svensson

In Junior Bitch Class Geltman's Viva Las Vegas, Hornlakes Quirida Adela did not show up.

Best Champion Dog/2nd Best Dog:
SU(u)CH Maxi Mates Isidor the Blacksmith
(SU(u)CH Woodman Black Petrs & Maxi Mates Foolish Robe)
Owner: Eva Börtin Bergquist

2nd Best Champion Dog/-:
LPI SVCH SU(u)CH Dualdigni's Keep the Stage
(SU(u)CH Westerner Aquarious & SU(u)CH Dualdigni's Garden Angel)
Owner: Marie-Therese Hedström

Veteran Dog/-:
NUCH SU(u)CH Paisley's Red Neck
(SV00 SU(u)CH Claramand Shockwave & Paisley's Killer Queen)
Owner: Ann Christin Nyman

Best Open Class Dog/3rd Best Dog:
Manaca's Live Long And Prosper
(SV08 SU(u)CH JEUW06 SV06 DKUCH NUCH Manaca's Beat About the Bush & SVCH SU(u)CH Manaca's Cross Country)
Owner: Manuela Johansson

2nd Best Open Class Dog/1:
Maxi Mates Overlord
(Casalle Chocolate-Suit & Maxi Mates Première Garb)
Owner: Eva Börtin Bergquist

3rd Best Open Class Dog/1:
Manaca's It's In His Kiss
(USCH Ashgrove Brisbane & SVCH SU(u)CH DKUCH Manaca's In Your Dream)
Owner: Madeleine Ivarsson

4th Best Open Class Dog/1:
Familular's Reputation Once Again
(SU(u)CH Gazette's Red Boy Goint To Top & Paisley's Keep the Faith)
Owner: Linda Malmstedt-Selldén

In this class Emba's Mr Black Magic, Love Cox's First Choice, Winline's Love To Show received a 2nd in quality and JWW08 Apelhöjdens Olympic Swing was absent.

In 15-24 months Dog Class Ulvstorp's Dream Free had a 2nd in quality and Big Green Walley's Born To Be Wild got a 3rd.

Best Junior Dog/5th Best Dog:
Travis Face the Truth
(NORDV07 Travis Miles of Smiles & Travis Face the Music)
Owner: Lena Elmvik

2nd Best Junior Dog/HP:
Honeywater's Wings of Eagles
(SU(u)CH Manaca's Path Finder & SVCH SU(u)CH Honeywater's Happiness Like Jam)
Owner: Madeleine Sjöholm Eriksson

3rd Best Junior Dog/HP:
Keonomis Fletching Road
(SU(u)CH Westerner Cross Country & Keonomis Caldonian Road)
Owners: Carina & Evelina Olsson

Big Green Walley's Cowcatcher, Big Green Walley's Cowlover, Ulvstorp's Wood Shadow got a 2nd in quality and Elmers Goldmine Zoran Chocolate, Travis Face the Moment were absent.

Best Puppy of Breed/HP:
Westerner November Light
(Cockerqueen's Chocolate Cream Pie & Westerner Snowpearl)
Owner: Torbjörn Wettergren

The day before, on August 15, 2009, Douglas Sidebottom, Australia, placed 3 dogs in Junior Class Dogs but, for some obscure reason, would not place no 4 and 5, despite awarding another 3 dogs a 1st, at Norrköping International, held under F.C.I Regulations. When asked for an explanation the chief steward, very friendly, informed us that the judge says that "he does what he wants". After Mr Sidebottom had finished the 15-24 months Dogs class, the 3 non-placed juniors, however, were summoned back into the ring and were eventually placed, owners and spectators somewhat bewildered.
Furthermore there were 5 Champion bitches and 2 Champion dogs participating. Not one of these was placed in Best Bitch/Best Dog classes.

And now we'll have a break from the show rings until December 12, Stockholm International, where Mr Darby will judge, one of those few icons, who know what a standard cocker should look like.