A One's Cocker Spaniels
THE COCKER SPANIEL CLUB Centenary Year Champion Show
July 21, 2002
Judges: Mr F Kane (dogs), Mrs F Somerfield (bitches)
529 Cockers

Champions gathering

Best In Show/Best Dog/Best Special Open Dog/CC:
GBSHCH Quettadene Copper Glow
(GBSHCH Lujesa Happy Too & Quettadene High Society)
Owner: Penny Lester

Reserve Best In Show/Best Bitch/Best Graduate Bitch/CC:
Caefardre Caprice At Shenmore
(Floroyal Daylami &Caefardre Cariad)
Owners: A M & J E Jones & Simmonds

Any colour:

Photo taken on July 21, 2002, Cambrai pushing 10 years ...
He´s even better today than he was back in 1996.
Moving like a God!

Veteran Dog (15 entries)/Best Veteran In Show:
1st: GBSHCH Canigou Cambrai
(GBSHCH Cleavehill Pot of Gold & Crankwood Miss Happy)
Owner: P L Bentley

2nd: GBSHCH Lujesa Happy Too
(GBSHCH Canigou Mr Happy & GBSHCH Lujesa Fiore Dorato)
Owner: A & S Kettle

Open Dog (16 entries):
1st: GBSHCH Canyonn Classic Gold
(Quettadene Footsteps & GBSHCH Canyonn Celeste)
Owner: S Young

2nd: VDHCH DTCH SU(u)CH Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz
(thereby qualified for Cruft´s for life)
(LUXCH PORTCH Stocdale Dragon´s Sonata & VDHCH DTCH LUXCH DT BSG 93 93 EUSG 93 Blue Pearl Vom Rauhen Holz)
Owner: A Swaerd
Mr Kane wrote in his critique in Dog World 30th August:
"Sward´s Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz, 6 years, great favourite having given him several top awards in Europe.
Very interesting to see him against the top Cockers here, full of quality, lovely head & eye, excellent construction, very sound.
Was a little lean on the day & not as compact as 1, nor did he settle to move as I have seen him.
Nevertheless he beat a handful of ShChs in this class and would be a worthy Ch anywhere in the world."
(NB: Before we left Sweden for Malvern we were told we could not bring a fat dog like that to England and so .... we went on a diet!)

Special Working Dog (2 entries):
1st: Pearkim Parable
(Wilholme Wild Boy & Pearkim Pollyanthus)
Owner: G E Pearce

2nd: Humbar Crackers With Pearkim
(Styvechale Star Choice At Pearkim & Humbar Sweet Safron)
Owner: G E Pearce

Minor Puppy Dog (20 entries):
1st: Glenbrows Never Say Never At Claramand
(Claramand Caruso & Cardamine Candleberry For Glenbrows)
Owner: E Thomas

2nd: Robraine Davendra
(GBSHCH Canyonn Classic Gold & & Robraine Samara)
Owner: L Palmer

Puppy Dog (9 entries)/Best Puppy Dog:
1st: Spendles Spinning Top
see below)

2nd: Judika Swift
(see below)

Junior Dog (21 entries):
1st: Glowhill Scrumpy Jack
(Sorbrook Bucks Fizz & Glowhill Miss Demeanour)
Owner: J E Mitchell

2nd: Lujesa Diavolo
(Cardamine Hot Potato & GBSHCH Lujesa Leonessa)
Owners: A & S Kettle

Maiden Dog (9 entries):
1st: Classicway Corelli
(see below)

2nd: Olibond Casey Jones
(Olibond Buffalo Bill & Roqfolly Silver Slipper)
Owners: M E & J E Bond

Tyro Dog (10 entries):
1st: Basso Alber Profundo
(see below)

2nd: Cardamine Top Brass
(Cardamine Gold Ptarmigan & Cardamine Joyful)
Owner: P Walker

Special Beginners Dog (23 entries):
1st: Rayol Acer
(Sheigra Starshine & Monartelle Farrandine At Rayol)
Owner: E & C Roberts & Smith

2nd: Quettadene Resolution
(see below)

Post Graduate Dog (25 entries):
1st: Bitcon Pickpocket
(Bitcon Troubador & BitconAmazing Grace)
Owner: K Armstrong

2nd: Penmartan Artful Antics
(Wiljana Ragamuffin & Penmartan Precis)
Owner: T A Lewis

Minor Limit Dog (15 entries):
1st: Rushmi Music Man
(GBSHCH Bitcon Troubador & Wiljana Rags To Riches At Rushmi)
Owner: B P Knowles

2nd: Canigou Hopesay
(GBSHCH Canigou Cambrai & Canigou Hopelessly Devoted)
Owner: P L Bentley

Limit Dog (20 entries):
1st: Manchela Blue Lagoon
(GBSHCH Withiflor Otis Blue & Manchela Candleglow)
Owner: M J Masters

2nd: Lochdene Pacifier of Kyrenia
(Totenkopf Trade Secret & Lochdene Red Biddy)
Owners: A Brookes

Any Colour other than black, bl/tan, red, golden, liver, liver/tan:
Puppy Dog (12 entries)/Best Puppy Dog:
1st: Spendles Spinning Top
(Spendles Spinner & Spendles Wispa)
Owner: J L Hooper

2nd: Sirrah Silver Spirit
(Mossdew Silver Dollar & Sirrah Sally Ann)
Owners: R & M Margetts

Novice Dog (11 entries):
1st: Basso Alber Profundo
(Olibond Buffalo Bill & Alberto Blue Lady)
Owners: M E & J E Bond

2nd: Classicway Corelli
(GBSHCH Classicway Clippers Dream of Cosalta & Classicway Co-Star)
Owners: D & J M Darby

Graduate Dog (21 entries):
1st: Danett Trade Winds
(GBSHCH Glowhill Rob Roy & Danett Tumble To The Wind)
Owner: W P Cullen

2nd: Candyke Tennessee Moon
(GBSHCH IRSHCH Mossdew Celtic Swing & Candyke Merry Go Round)
Owner: M & J Collins

Special Open Dog/Reserve Dog CC (14 entries):
1st: GBSHCH Courtmaster Wardance
(Courtmaster Blue Icon & Courtmaster Gypsophylia)
Owners: D J & S Telford

2nd: GBSHCH Shanaz Scunner
(GBSHCH Bitcon Troubador & Shanaz Fidget)
Owner: W Reid

Black, black/tan:
Puppy Dog (5 entries):
1st: Judika Swift
(GBSHCH Quettadene Copper Glow & Judika Kittiwake)
Owner: K S Costello

2nd: Jannors Tomb Raider
(GBSHCH Canigou Cambrai & Jannors Flash Dancer)
Owner: J, H & L Parkin

Novice Dog (4 entries):
1st: Bencleuchs Best Man For Pennybrook Naf
(Charbonnel Roulette & Bencleuchs Bliss)
Owner: Mc Laren

2nd: Deracor Dumbledore
(Sorbrook Enigma & Deracor Daddy´s Girl)
Owner: D W Shapland

Graduate Dog (11 entries):
1st: Quettadene Resolution
(GBSHCH Lujesa Happy Too & Quettadene Charity)
Owner: S M Davies

2nd: Chavez Royal Purser
(Quettadene Hobsons Choice & Chavez Royal Variety)
Owner: J E Gilmour

Special Open Dog (5 entries):
1st: GBSHCH Charbonnel Warlord
(GBSHCH Asquannes Gonzales & GBSHCH Charbonnel Sugar Plum)
Owner: S Platt

2nd: MORCH Cornbow International
(GBSHCH Canigou Cambrai & Cornbow Vitoriana)
Owner: Mathieu

Red, golden, liver, liver/tan:

Puppy Dog (4 entries):
1st: Claramand Rewind To Glenbrows
(Claramand Hot Shot & Claramand Mis-BHaving)
Owners: T D & H L Harrison

2nd: Helenwood Template
(GBSHCH Kendalwood Campaigner & Helenwood Chances Are)
Owner: J H Marris-Bray

Novice Dog (3 entries):
1st: Cardamine Flagship At Richian
(Cardamine Jack To A King & Cardamine Celebration)
Owner: R & I Harvey & Kemp

2nd: Charbonnel In The Red
(Charbonnel Roulette & Charbonnel Star Sheen)
Owner: J & B Duddell & Mansell

Graduate Dog (4 entries):
1st: Judika Prairie Gold
(Claramand Caruso & Judika Moon Flower)
Owner: K S Costello

2nd: Claramand Look Who´s Talking
(YUCH Quettadene Wild Oats & Claramand Hopskotch)
Owner: E Thomas

Special Open Dog (5 entries):
GBSHCH Quettadene Copper Glow
(see above)

2nd: Cardamine Hot Potato
(Cardamine Lionheart & Cardamine Beloved)
Owner: P Walker

Black, black/tan:

Puppy Bitch (17 entries)
1st: Waterwood Selene
(Judena Joskey & Waterwood Forever REgal)
Owner: N Howell

2nd: Chataway Naomi Campbell
(GBSHCH Charbonnel Warlord & Chataway Singing Kettle)
Owner: E Woods

Novice Bitch (12 entries):
1st: Weyhill Gabrielle
(Wensum Ticket To Ride & Weyhill Cassia)
Owner: G K & L M Parker

2nd: Linsloc Maid Marion With Claramand
(Claramand B´Dazzled & Linsloc Truly Scrumptious)
Owner: E Thomas

Graduate Bitch (15 entries):
1st: Charbonnel Lynette
(GBSHCH Charbonnel Warlord & GBSHCH Charbonnel Amorette)
Owner: S Platt

2nd: Manchela Destiny
(GBSHCH Quettadene Endeavour & Manchela Lolita)
Owner: M J Masters

Special Open Bitch (6 entries):
1st: GBSHCH Quettadene Be Gracious
(Quettadene Hobsons Choice & GBSHCH Quettadene Arianne)
Owner: P M Lester

2nd: Meakwood Private Dancer
(GBSHCH Perrytree The Dreamer & Junetta Dancing Queen)
Owner: R H & P Meaker

Red, golden, liver, liver/tan:

Puppy Bitch (8 entries):
1st: Claramand D-Having At Merryhaze
(Claramand Hot Shot & Canyonn Chrystal)
Owner: R E Needham

2nd: Koolwaters Glenlossie
(GBSHCH Lujesa Happy Too & Weirdene Fleur In Koolwater)
Owner: M & T Blay

Novice Bitch (11 entries):
1st: Manchela Maid To Measure
(Olanza Peace Envoy To Jozelah & Manchela Ring O Roses)
Owners: M J & P M Masters & Pavey

2nd: Classicway Charlotte Russe
(Cardamine Gold Ptarmigan & Asquannes Geisha Girl of Classicway)
Owner: D & J M Darby

Graduate Bitch (15 entries):
1st: Claramand Miss Fancy Pants
GBSHCH Canyonn Classic Gold & Claramand Party Piece)
Owner: E Thomas

2nd: Charbonnel Wild Child At Quintavia
(Charbonnel Roulette & Charbonnel Star Sheen)
Owner: T Herd

Special Open Bitch (3 entries):
1st: Sheigra Swinging Sixties
(Marandis Macho Man & Sheigra Sunrise)
Owner: C West

2nd: Withiflor Fluff
(GBSHCH Lujesa Happy Too & Withiflor Fenella)
Owner: S J Ellison

Any colour other than black, black/tan, red, golden, liver, liver/tan:

Puppy Bitch (20 entries)/Best Puppy In Show:
1st: Lynwater Dawn Flush
(BRAZCH Lynwater Duel At Dawn & Lynwater Balm)
Owner: E Maclean

2nd: Ryallcourt Grace N Favour
(GBSHCH Ryallcourt Pie In The Sky & Ryallcourt Cameo)
Owner: P Whitehead

Novice Bitch (18 entries):
1st: Olibond Maggie May
(Olibond Buffalo Bill & Roqfolly Silver Slipper)
Owners: S & K Beston

2nd: Windgrove Moon Maiden
(GBSHCH Glowhill Rob Roy & Windgrove Black N Blue)
Owner: J E Mitchell

Graduate Bitch (30 entries):
1st: Caefardre Caprice At Shenmore
(see above)

2nd: Bitchon Miss Chief
(GBSHCH Bitcon Troubador & Bitcon Little Starlet)
Owner: A Nugent

Special Open Bitch (13 entries):
1st: Wilmerella  Wayward
(Willmerella Kings Legend & Wilmerella Celebration)
Owner:R & S L Williams

2nd: GBSHCH Cassom Lois Lane
(GBSHCH Glowhill Rob Roy & Cassom Summer Sky)
Owner: S Amos-Jones

Any colour:

Special Working Bitch (4 entries):
1st: Okell Our Blue Belle
(Avandora Ladykiller Taf & Okell Vindael Vivacity)
Owner: J Walker

2nd: Ashenberry Allsocks
(GBSHCH Bitcon Troubador & Ashenberry Orange Socks)
Owners: R & S Hull & Cox

Veteran Bitch (15 entries):
1st: GBSHCH Lennoxgrove Rag Doll
(Shelohn Surely Great of Lennoxgrove & Lennoxgrove Tamerisk)
Owner: P J Halkett

2nd: GBSHCH Charbonnel Amorette
(Judena Joskey & Charbonnel Bizette)
Owner: S Platt

Minor Puppy Bitch (35 entries):
1st: Rayol Arae
(GBSHCH Asquannes Granard At Sheigra & Rayol Ara)
Owner: E & C Roberts & Smith

2nd: Robraine Rahanna
(GBSHCH Canyonn Classc Gold & Robraine Samara)
Owner: L Palmer

Puppy Bitch (34 entries):
Waterwood Selene
(see above)

2nd: Jardinisle Serenity
(Wiljana Moonstruck & Jardinisle Sincerity)
Owner: P & T Read

Junior Bitch (29 entries):
1st: Charbonnel Wild Child At Quintavia
(see above)

2nd: Asquannes Gueva of Daraydala
(GBSHCH Asquannes Gonzales & GBSHCHAsquannes Georgette)
Owners: P & K Duke & Gardner

Maiden Bitch (22 entries):
1st: Dargess The Wumizusume
(Glint of Sapphire At Windgrove & Cilleine Paean Dargess)
Owners: R N & P W H Becquet & Darby

2nd: Carmelfair Penny Drops
(Bartonholm Going On At Carmelfair & Lynshow Dawn Star Over Carmelfair)
Owner: J E Fairbairn

Tyro Bitch (16 entries):
1st: Claramand Do Lally At Molkara
(YUCH Quettadene Wild Oats & Claramand Hopskotch)
Owner: K Gain

2nd: Helenwood Irresistabelle
(Kelfield Tuffenuff For Helenwood & Helenwood Givenchy)
Owner: J H Marris-Bray'

Special Beginners Bitch (25 entries):
1st: Charbonnel Wild Child At Quintavia
(see above)

2nd: Annilann Miss Tickle?

Post Graduate Bitch (31 entries):
1st: Othamcourt Sunkist At Cascadia
(GBSHCH Perrytree Sun Dreamer & Cascadia Clara of Othamcourt)
Owner: S A Pudney

2nd: Symbiosis Star Performer
(Shenmore Star Voyager & Symbiosis Star Attraction)
Owner: S M Barton

Minor Limit Bitch (13 entries):
1st: Lynwater Chrystal Lady
(Lynwater Clear Chrystal & Lynwater Noel´s Girl)
Owner: E Maclean

2nd: Atherbron I´m Also Trouble
(Kayalan Midnight Express To Attherbron & Atherbron I´m Another Trouble)
Owner: H & A Brown & Crossley

Limit Bitch (29 entries):
1st: Bromfield Golden Expression
(Quettadene By Design & Amberway Sophia)
Owner: P J & P Bentley

2nd: Shanaz Shoogle
(GBSHCH Bitcon Troubador & Shanaz Fidget)
Owner: W Reid

Open Bitch (10 entries):
1st: Symbiosis Star Performer
(see above)

2nd: Jennobar Heart of the Ocean at Glenlismore
(Windgrove One For the Road To Blueacre & Ewtor Mayblossom At Jennobar
Owner: J Ferguson

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