A One's Cocker Spaniels

Lynwater Lewis of Quasar

Weirdene Workman
(blue roan)

Weirdene Within Bounds

Worthwhile of Weirdene
Weirdene Wish Me Well

Weirdene Wise Whispers

Weirdene Worthy Friend
Weirdene Westerley Sunset
Lynwater Silver Sheet Pinkyburn Predominate Westdyke Waverley PRA Carrier
Pure Lilac of Pinkyburn
Lynwater Russet Yardew Rubens of Weirdene FN Carrier
Tansy of Lynwater

Kathand Rowena

Lynwater Second Chance

Yardew Rubens of Weirdene
FN Carrier

Yardew Indigo
Yardew Floribunda
Tansy of Lynwater Weirdene Within Bounds
Kathand Starlight
Kathand Melanie Mystique Weirdene Yardew Rubens Yardew Indigo
Yardew Floribunda
Kathand Bright Star Kathand Clanranald Clansman Thanks Eric!
Kathand Colleen Thanks Eric!