A One's Cocker Spaniels

GBSHCH Asquannes Omen
FN Carrier
Commander of Courtdale Courtdale Lt Commander GBSHCH Courtdale Flag Lieutenant PRA Carrier
Tymelin Polyantha
Penny Lace of Courtdale Yardew Scots Grey
Yardew Miss Megan
Asquanne´s Leanne Parkfarm Blue Emperor Glowhill Lucklena Melodious Box
Parkfarm Elizabeth
Brenshu Venus of Asquanne Cochise Casimire
(Freshet Florin of Quatford & SHCH Cochise Circe)
Midnight Blue of Brenshu
Colour Me Blue of Classicway At Quettadene Normanview Midnight Runner of Classicway
PRA Carrier but
FN clear!
Normanview Silver Torrent Normanview Dark Secret
Summer Shades of Normanview
Normanview Smokey Blue Normanview Blue Ensign
Airdmairi Morning Mist
Classicway Candice of Sundawn GBSHCH Cilleine Echelon Hightrees Sweet Talk of Lochranza FN Carrier
Styvechale Stardew of Cilleine
Adargi Joyful Girl of Classicway Chrisolin Cambiare of Styvechale FN carrier & PRA!
Emberant Joyful Princess