A One's Cocker Spaniels
erlin International March 21, 1999 -  or

Ich bin (eine JFK konnte nicht Deutsch sprechen!) Berlinerin!


Withdrawing from the group final in Malmoe was an easy decision to make. Under a brilliant spring sun the Trelleborg-Rostock crossing gave a few hours´ composed breathing. The Berlin traffic is nothing to trifle with, especially not on a show morning around the TV-tower. Besides you have to know which Abfahrt to choose, or you will soon end up in Polen. If you do not manage to get inside the gates of the closest car park by 8, your champion is doomed to miss his entry. It takes hours to get into the halls from the other far-off car parks. And for some obscure reason you do not mess with German car- park attendants.

Emergency in the ladies´ lavatory! Lipstick gone! Jesus, what to do? Who could possibly wear the same shade of dark pink? After an hour´s gazing through the queue I was seized with panic. Dark-haired European beauties just do not wear the same colour as us blondes. And the wrong shade is definitely worse than none at all. Going into the breed ring with not the least gloss! Don´t start crying, it´s not the end of the world. And judge won´t even notice, he has his mind set on the dogs, for heaven´s sake! If I bit my lips, they would certainly get a little redder, but what if they chapped? There would be blood all over the place. And my champion bitch would be disqualified for being on heat, for sure. The mere thought of this scenario made me shudder.

3.217 entries, 48 of which were cockers. Dr Thomas Jakkel judged. Wonder if he is a real doctor or just a B.A. like myself? Have to ask him some time. By introducing the Junior Champion title (DTJCH) the number of entries to junior classes has increased a lot (The same goes for Veteran Champion title to be gained after 9 years of age.) and it is awfully exciting to see which junior - only one of each sex, no matter colour - gets the Jugendanwartschaft (junior CC, kind of). This time Jakaro´s Yulio, bred and owned by well-known judge Henny Kappetijn, was presented with this desirable cup among the dogs. My own Blue Satin Forever A One´s, bred by Aud-Jorun Nysted and Kjell-Ivar Larsen in Tromsdalen, Norway, gained the bitch DTJAnw. And she has long tail too, extremely long! Dr Jakkel was just about to award her the 2nd Siegeranwartschaft as well, when the Germans interfered. She was too young. What a pity!

DTCH VDHCH Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz, the sire of Blue Satin Forever A One´s, was best dog, thereby receiving his 12th Cacib and another Siegeranwartschaft, which is of no use to him though. And so this CC can be claimed by 2nd best dog, smart stipulation. But sometimes you have to wait for more than a year before the DTCH  Klub document arrives (VDH works much faster). So it is up to you to keep up to date who has finished his title and who has not. Nobody will remind you. Other champions seen today were solids Baccarat-Renmil and Getaway von Eschenweg. Swinghall Moon Over Dixie did not turn up in the parti dog champion class. Midnight Train was also Best Spaniel under Dr Jakkel.

Our purpose no 1 for going all the way to Berlin was our wish to get a 4th Siegeranwartschaft to finish another title of VDHCH DT BSG97 SFUCH WW98 Moonlight Mattie Vom Rauhen Holz´s. I have been warned against entering her litter brother to the same show, since dogs go first. But how could one leave such a darling at home? Mäusi was very pleased with her BoS and another Cacib, thereby beating champion bitches like Cocker Academy Eminent Enchantress and Blanca Renmil.

Lipstick - hevreca! Thank God for those nice young girls who offer to transform little children into Frankensteins, Plutos, pussy-cats, even tigers - you name it, they´ve got it! There is not a shade they can´t mix for you. Who cares if they think you´re a queer customer? As long as you get your self-confidence back in time for the finals.

Swiss elegant Mr Hans W Müller judged group 8. The loud-speakers announced the cocker spaniel had won the group in Berlin before. How do they manage to keep abreast?

Then it was Mr Horst Kliebenstein´s turn to choose best dog of the day. Pomp and circumstance! Hansi won again, although I heard it through the grape-wine my dark-blue outfit was not approved of. Won´t wear it ever again, promise, at least not in Germany.

Meeting Saturday´s winner, a Rottweiler, really gave us the hiccups. What a hefty chap! David against Goliath.

Winning Best In Show at an international show abroad is an emotional upheaval beyond description.Besides, the risk of a heart attack is imminent after two rounds around the enormous ring - behind a Rottweiler. Even so, Tore Fossum chose the cocker and the gigantic cup was ours forever. Hungary, Germany, Switzerland and Norway had spoken. The Mayor of Berlin handed over a gorgeous painting of the Berlin Town Hall in gilt frame. Not to mention Pedigree Pal. But nicest of all was when the Rottweiler people came up and congratulated us to a fair win. How could anyone ask for more?

Germany too now has set up a Spaniel of the Year list. The following results will yield points:

V1 in all classes                                     3p
V1 incl Anwartschaft DtCh VDH          5p
Anwartschaft DtJugend-Ch                    5p
Anwartschaft DtVCh                             5p
Siegeranwartschaft                                10p
Res Siegeranwartschaft                          8p
1st Ehrenklasse                                      5p
CACIB                                                 20p
Res CACIB                                          15p
Best dog/best bitch                                20p
BoB                                                      25p
Best in Group 8                                     35p
BIS at a spaniel show                            40p
BIS at an international show                  60p

What a shame petrol is so expensive.

More than anything else King Hansi appreciated his dalliance back in Mullsjoe, where Miss Bumble-Bee was waiting faithfully.

Ann S