A One's Cocker Spaniels
Thank you
for all those memorable show moments and for looking after our big family throughout those intensive years.
Still, in 2013, the only UK import ever winning Cocker of the Year in Sweden

VDHCH DT CH DT BSG 94 SV 91 Charbonnel A One´s Macho

7 October 1990 - 23 November 2000

Cocker of the Year 1993
Swedish Winner 1991 from junior class
Top Winning Cocker Dog 1991 from junior class
Top Winning Solid Cocker 1992
German Winner 1994 (and BIG)
- in very keen competition with top dogs from 13 European countries
VDH Champion
German Champion Club
Multiple Best In Show Winner
23 CCs - 12 Cacibs
Thank You Judges!

Macho BOB at Tjoloeholm in 1992
Macho BIG2 Stockholm in 1991
Macho BIG/BIS4 in Malmoe in 1993
Macho at Mount Kebnekaise
Macho hiking at Abisko, Lapland
Macho BOB at Laholm
Macho waiting for his mom
Macho Best In Show under Mrs Brulin 1992
Macho BIS under G Caddy 1993

minimacho.gif (21591 bytes)
Lillemor Böös took the photo

Macho´s son BEJSG95 VDH EJSG95 A One´s Scirocco of Orinoco had, in spite of his young age, already won CCs at home and abroad, when tragedy struck.

Macho is the sire of
DTCH VDHCH A One´s Cold November Rain
SUCH LP A One´s Tess of the D´Urbervilles
A One´s Mr Boombastic

A One´s Ulysses of Orinoco
Shavian A One´s Heloïse

Bern WDS 1994. Macho had to be acutely operated on in Bern, Switzerland, after beiing badly bitten by his kennel mate Charbonnel A One's Tonka,
cost me two months pay but they did a very good job. I had consulted the vet in Stockholm before boarding the plane to Zürich,
actually husband of eye specialist Kristina Narfström, who gave Macho an injection and ok to go, no hard feelings, from outside there was just a tiny hole.
The Bern vet discovered 22 holes after Macho's face skin was turned inside out.
A huge thank you to the Stockholm photographer (professional) of this picture, who accompanied me on the train to Zürich and on the plane,
making sure I got home all right, seeing I was in shock, serving me beers (which I usually never touch) in the summer heat.
Every time I think about this life experience of mine, I start shaking, neither so much because of what happened between Macho and Tonka nor my Bern ordeal
but because of insinuations on the website of Macho's, Cougar's, Cyber's and Tonka's breeder, that I did not take good care of my Charbonnel boys.
My son Wilhelm and I were badly bitten by Charbonnel A One's Cougar.
Tonka even attacked a black bitch related to him in the car on his way to mating her, no other male being around.
However I'm glad I am the only one in the world, who failed to live a normal family life with my Charbonnel boys.
I am quite aware of the fact that it's not ok in the doggy world to be open about bad temperaments due to Omerta,
ie Breeders' Code of Silence, but I have my limits, "Don't tease the dog, he might bite you."
Provoke me a little more and I might reveal the real truth behind the temperament problems of my Welsh imports.
I never heard a growling sound from my parti boys, not even with a bitch on heat in the same room.